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Breakroom Vending Machine Placement Program Nuts and Bolts

No two working dogs are alike – you need a machine that caters to all tastes and nutrition requirements. When that afternoon slump hits and the office feels like a sleeping pack of dogs, having the right balance of snacks and drinks will get them going again.

Keep the pack well-fed and energized with customized vending machine placement programs for businesses of all sizes from Dog Gone Vending. We do all the work. You just relax and collect a percentage of sales while your Dallas employees enjoy the modern machine and versatile vending choices in their breakroom.

Our vending machine placement programs are specially designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes – large and small. Yes, even large corporations with over 200 employees. In some cases, your business might require multiple machines and that’s no problem. We take care of everything. All you have to do is provide a space for the machine and cover electricity costs.

Our vending programs make it easy for your team to enjoy the items they want from the comfort of your breakroom. Our no-cost vending makes your life easier and keeps tails wagging with

  • Cash and cashless payment options
  • Modern vending machines
  • Their favorite brands
  • Split machines for cold and dry vending
  • Healthy and traditional options
  • Free start-up
  • Free maintenance and repairs
  • You earn commission from sales
  • Fast local staff for quick inventory replacement

Other Placement Programs

Interested in learning more about our placement programs for other Dallas/Fort Worth businesses?  Check out some of our most popular below. Don't see your business type listed? Don't worry, we can structure a vending machine placement program complete with your snack and drink requirements.

Auto Care Facilities

Car repairs can be stressful and waiting while hungry can make it worse. Our vending machine placement services can help you keep your customers fed and hydrated while waiting - while adding to your bottom line. 

Break Rooms

When employees get hungry, things can get snarly. A vending solution from Dog Gone Vending will keep your break room stocked  so they stay fed, happy and productive while keeping the accountants happy.

Co Working Spaces

You have a tough pack to please - a mix of freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees. Keep everyone happy with customizable vending machines that also help your balance sheet. 

Gyms / Fitness

Gym clients don't want to be tempted with sugary drinks and high-fat snacks.  Our vending machines can be stocked with treats that fuel, rebuild and reward patrons before or after a workout. 

Spas / Salons

Treat your discerning clients and staff with treats and drinks that keep them refreshed and fed between services and while waiting with trendy-setting foods and beverages to satisfy refined tastes. 

Avoid the Sugar Slump and Keep Tails Wagging

We get it: choosing snacks and drinks for your breakroom is tough. Some prefer traditional snacks like potato chips while others crave something hearty to keep their blood sugar stable in between meals. Our customized vending programs are the perfect solution to satisfy picky eaters, avoid that dreaded afternoon sugar slump, and meet wellness program nutrition requirements.

Dog Gone Vending isn’t leashed to any specific brand. This allows us to provide your team with a wide range of items. Maybe they’d rather have Bai instead of Sprite? Or Kind bars instead of Paydays? No problem.

Team members can simply scan the code on the side of the machine and use our online “Fetch” system to let us know which items they want. We’ll do our best to fill the machine with what they ask for.

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Happy Tales From Customers

We've had several vending partners over the years.  All were more problems than they were worth.  But not with Dog Gone Vending.  The machines work, they keep them stocked and we don't get bored with the same products.  We don't plan to ever change!

We love the pack at Dog Gone Vending. Our machines never seem to run out of stock. They keep everything working flawlessly.

Our vending machines have added to our bottom line. Our clients have helped us customize the machine based on their tastes.  Snacks don't stick around long, but the guys at DGV keep the machines stocked and ready to go.

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