Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the drink selections one brand like Coke® products?

No, we’re not tied to a single distribution agreement. We can place virtually any beverage your employees or customers want. In fact, to help streamline that process, we’ve create Fetch – a quick way for vending machine users to tell us what types of food or beverages they want to consume!

Are we limited to certain snack food brands?

We customize the food brands to your specific needs and tastes and aren’t locked in to specific brand contracts.

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Are you a full-service vending machine company?

Yes, we are truly “full-service”. We own the machines and aren’t locked into contracts with specific food companies. We maintain the machines and inventory. All you do is provide the power, foot traffic and location.

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Can I find out the nutritional content of an item BEFORE I buy it?

Yes, we’ve created a database of all of our most popular vending items. Our food guide has the nutritional content shown for many of our items.

Do we have to pay for the machine or inventory?

No, never. The vending machines placed in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area are provided at NO COST to your or your business. Even better, we provide the stock and take care of any repairs. All you have to do is sit back and earn.

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Do you have healthy alternatives to the traditional “junk” food in vending machines?

Yes, we can customize a vending machine solution just for you filled with healthier snack and beverage alternatives. Some of our more popular items include Bai®, Vitamin Water, Cliff® Bars, KIND® Bars and more.

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Do you offer both drink and snack machines?

We can do strictly cold beverages, strictly snacks or a combo machine that has a cold box and dry box.

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Do your machines accept credit or debit cards?

Yes! We know commerce today is completed with debit and credit cards, so all of our machines are equipped with state-of the-art, secure card readers monitored via wi-fi for security.

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How often is the machine stocked?

Simple answer – as often as needed. Our machines are equipped with wireless remote monitoring technology (sounds geeky, doesn’t it?) so that we know immediately if items are running low. Our specialists will make sure you’re fully stocked asap.

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We have a large manufacturing/office facility with over 200 employees – can you accommodate us?

Yes, we services businesses large, small and in-between. We can create a customized vending solution unique to YOUR employee’s needs and tastes.

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What happens if our machines break down?

Simply call us and we’ll come out and handle all of the repairs.

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What if someone loses money in the vending machine?

If your customer loses cash, we’ll work with you to replace it. Most credit card transactions can be resolved by contacting the customer’s bank.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Frisco, Texas but we serve vending locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have machines as far north as Sherman, as far east as Tyler, as far west as Weatherford and as far South as Waxahachie…and everywhere in between.

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Who stocks the machines?

We have a pack of vending machine specialists that take care of all of the stock in your machine. You never have to manage or shop for snacks again.

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