When your craving that snack and blood sugar gets low, you get snarly. So do employees and customers.  Snack vending machines have changed in recent years and have modern features like cashless vending, a fresh array of snacks customized for your pack of snackers.  If you want to add a snack vending machine to your place of business, we’ve got you covered.  Better yet – it’s at no cost to you and we have a hassle-free promise to keep tails wagging.

Fresh Drinks

What better to wash down a snack than a drink.  Dog Gone Vending isn’t leashed to a single vendor, so we’re able to offer a variety of drinks to satisfy your thirst – sodas, flavored waters, muscle drinks, tea, energy drinks and your favorite brands of clear water.

Candy and Sweets

When your team chants “We want Candy…!, ” Dog Gone Vending can help.  Often, people need their favorite chocolate or other candy items to get them over the afternoon slump.  We offer a variety of candy and treats like: M&Ms, Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Snickers, Hershey Bars and more.  Your employees and customers can help you customize the perfect machine with our innovative Fetch program.

Salty and Crunchy Snack Items

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, sometimes salty and crunchy hits the spot. Dog Gone Vending can add your favorite chips and snacks like Chex Mix, chips, pretzels and mixed nuts to curb the carb cravings.

Healthy Snack Vending

Healthy snack choices help keep employees more productive and healthier.  Customers appreciate having healthier snack options and will often pay a bit more for these alternatives – which makes your bottom line..well…healthier. Dog Gone Vending can add granola bars, KIND bars, protein bars and more  to help your employees and customers make smarter snack choices.  We even put our most popular items online with their nutritional content so that your vending customer can make an educated snack decision.

Chomping at the Leash? 

Ready to get started offering snacks to your employees and customers?  We’re sure you’ll have questions.  If you don’t find your answers in our FAQ, contact Dog Gone Vending and we’ll work with you to provide the right vending solution for your location.  have the most success.