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Let our pack keep your pack happy with customized vending solutions ….

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No gimmicks, no catches. Not only free, but a vending machine could actually add to your bottom line with our placement programs. Dog Gone Vending is the DFW expert in delivering full-service vending solutions with no employee minimums and open to all snack and beverage brands.

Vending Placements

Satisfy appetites while adding to your bottom line with our Dallas area commission vending placement programs.  We work with a variety of businesses – large and small – to create the perfect vending offering for your hungry pack.

Pet Vending

Never be without a doggie bag, dog treats or spare leash again! Dog park and pet-focused facilities enjoy our unique Pet Supplies Vending Machine. Learn how we can create a customized Pet Vending Machine for you. Woof, woof.

Nutritional Info

When that gnawing sensation shows up, don’t just grab the first snack your eyes see. Make an intelligent choice by checking our online database of popular vending items’ nutritional content and comparing data. Then, happy snacking.

Fetch Your Perfect Machine

Our Dallas-Fort Worth vending machines are customized by each location. You tell us what you want with our online interface and we’ll do our best to “fetch” the perfect snacks and drinks.

Why choose Dog Gone Vending

Our name makes your smile….and so do our snacks and drinks. We’re a complete vending management service.  We’re a complete vending management solution serving the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. What’s a complete vending solution? This means we take care of everything – the stock, machine repairs, money collection…everything except the electricity to power the machine.

We offer:

  • Customized vending solutions
  • Modern vending machines
  • Cashless and cash options
  • Healthy options
  • Your favorite brands
  • Wirelss inventory tracking
  • Fast, local staff for quick inventory replacement
  • Split machines for cold and dry vending
  • Free Placements
  • Free Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Top brands people know and trust

Better Snacks For Picky Eaters

Satisfy the Snack Connoisseur

Dog Gone Vending works with you, your employees and customers to create the perfect vending machine to keep everyone happy. Want Bai instead of Vitamin Water? Anyone can scan a code on the machine which takes you to Fetch, our online request form and we’ll do our best to well – fetch – the products requested by the people who use the vending machine the most.

No one wants snacks or drinks in a machine that sit, unopened and un-enjoyed. We know that if we stock what your customers, employees and patrons request, everyone’s happy.  We make money, you make money, appetites are satisfied. Mission accomplished.

Happy Tales From Customers

We've had several vending partners over the years.  All were more problems than they were worth.  But not with Dog Gone Vending.  The machines work, they keep them stocked and we don't get bored with the same products.  We don't plan to ever change!

We love the pack at Dog Gone Vending. Our machines never seem to run out of stock. They keep everything working flawlessly.

Our vending machines have added to our bottom line. Our clients have helped us customize the machine based on their tastes.  Snacks don't stick around long, but the guys at DGV keep the machines stocked and ready to go.

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